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Family Boat Trips Ibiza – The perfect trip for your family and friends – Utopia

Once the boat leaves San Antonio harbour, we head out to some picturesque beaches

Such as Cala Salada, Cala Bassa or Port Des Torrent depending on the weather.

 After some breathtaking swim-stops, we will head out to Cafe Mambo, to watch the famously beautiful Ibiza Sunset.

The boat is has a great sound-system where you can play your own music.

There will be free drinks on board, sangria, cava and beer ,

You can also bring your own extra drinks and food on board!

We offer the best value private boat, great for family boat trips ibiza ,  for big groups in Ibiza.

We are  boat owners and not just promoters , therefore  we are the cheapest, 45€ per person with free drinks, music, snorkeling, swimming, sunset and amazing views

.Picture the scene: you’re lazing atop the sun-dappled deck of a sailboat,

The glimmer is making your skin tingle and the sound of crystal-clear waves lapping against the hull is lulling you into a hazy daze.

You’re floating off the coast of Ibiza, the dullness of reality a distant memory.

This is Utopia Ibiza’s West Coast Explorer, therefore you are catapulted straight to paradise.

Our family boat trip ibiza is the perfect way to spend your afternoon in Ibiza

The good news is that there’ll be leisurely swim-stops

Allowing plenty of time for you to sit and soak up all the magic, or to dive head first into activities like paddle surfing, snorkelling